Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Freudenberg - Innovating Together


Your Global Partner For Innovative New Products and Technologies

Freudenberg Medical offers several technologies that can help your organization accelerate time to market.  Whether you’re looking to white label a new and innovative device, access new design options for improving your next generation catheter and delivery system or reduce time when building new feature sets into your products, Freudenberg Medical has a growing family of finished products, design and process solutions to help you meet your needs:

FLEXSEAL® Introducer Sheath with Hydrophilic Coating

The FlexSeal® Introducer Sheath offers several new enabling features to help companies respond to customer needs or fill a void within an existing product portfolio. Benefits include:

Adjustable and easy to use valve designed to

  • Improve procedural workflow.
  • Increase tactile feel and control.

Robust hemostasis and valve durability

  • Maintains hemostasis after multiple, large catheter insertions.
  • Supports procedures requiring multiple devices or a wide range of device sizes.

Exceptional kink resistance

  • Composite shaft that balances flexibility and pushability.
  • Inserts through challenging anatomies while maintaining lumen patency.

Superior trackability through tortuous anatomy

  • Hydrophilic coating provides improved insertion and  tracking.
  • Shaft and dilator profile enables smooth insertion performance.

 FLEXSEAL® Hemostasis Valve   

The FlexSeal® Hemostasis Valve gives organizations the ability to greatly improve hemostasis performance with integration into their next generation catheter or delivery system.  Benefits include:

Adjustable and easy to use valve design

  • Single user, single handed operation.
  • Operator adjustable catheter insertion and rotational forces

Robust hemostasis and valve durability

  • Seals around a full range of devices sizes including multiple devices
  • Maintains hemostasis after multiple, large catheter insertions

Easy integration into existing catheter design

  • Valve assembly can be incorporated into existing catheters or delivery systems

Member of a family of hemostasis valves

  • HyperSeal™ Hemostasis Valve
  • CertuSeal™ Hemostasis Valve

COMPOSER™ Deflectable Catheter Handle Platform

Composer’s commercialization ready, modularized “plug and play” versatility can help companies cut down project lead times and costs when adding next generation features into their product lines.  Benefits include:

Ergonomic, versatile and efficient handle design 

  • Improves grip, comfort and control.
  • Supports single handed operation

Broad range of therapeutic and device delivery applications

  • Single or multi-knob configuration on a modular platform provides multiple catheter modalities
  • Open shaft architecture supports a wide range of custom shaft configurations

Flexible, modular design with patent pending control platform

  • In-line steering for direct catheter response and accurate distal tip positioning.
  • Integrated hemostasis valve and electrical connector options
  • Low count and standardized parts across all catheter sizes